Monday, January 5, 2015

Baked French Fries

For the week 1 day 3 of BM #48 , I had several recipes in my mind but could not make as everyone was sick at home.  I decided to keep it so simple and baked it after coming back from work. Both my kids loved it and ate it with ketchup.
French fries are usually served hot along with lunch or dinner or as a snack  by itself and is popular all over the world , but it is originated from Belgium.
Russet potatoes – 2
Olive oil – 1.5 tbsp
salt – based on taste
pepper – based on taste
Cut the potatoes lengthwise into thin slices ( I did not peel the outer skin ) and cover it with cold water. After 10—15 mins pat dry them to remove the moisture on a paper towel. In a bowl , mix olive oil , salt and pepper.
Meanwhile pre heat the oven to 400 F. Add the potatoes to olive oil mixture and toss it well. Line up the potatoes in a baking pan in a single layer and bake for about 20- 25 mins. Flip the fries for every 10 mins and bake it until golden brown.
Serve it immediately. You can add other seasonings if needed ( chili powder , cumin , dried basil powder  or parmesan cheese )
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  1. A very healthy version...My sister love these

  2. French fries is our favorite.. Baked version is really great.

  3. Baking makes it even more easy to eat as much as we like :)

  4. Perfectly made French fries. These sure are crowd pleasers.

  5. looks yumm n perfectly baked

  6. A regular fare at home!! Kids love these!

  7. Who would say no for this..very nicely done


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