Saturday, July 21, 2012

Avocado Milkshake


This is a refreshing and creamy shake that would be so delicious and good for your health anytime for the day.

Below is the details of the recipe. I am sending this to Manjula’s July Contest

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Avacado – 1  ( Pitted , peeled and diced )

Almond milk – 1.5 cups ( This is a lactose and Soy free drink ) or you can use the regular milk

Sugar –  1 –2 tbsp ( optional )

Cinnamon – a pinch

Icecubes – optional

Whey powder – 1 scoop ( You can add this if you want to make this as protein shake )


Place the Avacado , almond cooconut milk , sugar , ice and whey powder in the blender.

Blend it until smooth.

Add the cinnamon on the top and serve it chill.

Note : Any fruits like Banana’s , Strawberries would be a perfect choice as well. I felt Almond milk is good for health and also was so delicious than the regular milk.

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